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2022 Loud Coffee Press Holiday Gift Guide

Well, hello there. It's been a minute.

We didn't leave this blog for good (clearly). November rolled around and we decided to forego NaNoWriMo. However, we decided to take the month off from blog writing and attack our creative projects head-on (although not 50k words in 30 days head-on). During November, Annie finished an entire revision on her upcoming fiction novel (previous novella), The Boy Who Brought the Sea, and Fred finished the first draft of a fiction novel that has taken him over ten years to write, (b)roken (S)entences. It was a very productive month.

Since we're jumping back into the blog for December, we felt that it was most appropriate to bring you our annual holiday gift guide. Without further ado, here are this year's favorite things. These aren't our affiliate links (although Fred is the artist for Indie It Press link and we threw in one great LCP bundle for you!). Rather, these are a few items we own, have gifted, received, and loved.

Ukiyo Sense Double-Wall Glass Reusable Tea Infuser

We love this tea infuser for its durable design and its delicious brewing capability.

“Daring” Courageous Creative Unisex t-shirt

It’s Fred’s art on a t-shirt from our friends at Indie It Press! What’s not to love?

Portable EMF Meter

We readily admit we own this, have tried it, and heartily love fancying ourselves ghost hunters when the mood strikes. You can also gift a piece of other-worldly detective equipment at a very reasonable price point.

MeUndies Unisex Onesie

Be the envy of your children. When the writer in your life is sitting at their desk creating all day, why not let them be cozy in an adult-sized onesie? (We mean this in all sincerity.)

Alice in Wonderland Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Double-wow the Alice and tarot lover in your life with this combo!

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

This is a fantastic book on the daily rituals of 161 creatives! Use it to get yourself or the artist in your life into the creating mood.

Folding Portable Foot Peddler Desk Bike

Writers can get sedentary. Combat all the desk-sitting with this under-desk foot peddler!

Loud Coffee Press’ Happy Holidays Chapbook Bundle

For only $20, you can simultaneously support your favorite literary magazine and get FIVE chapbooks for this ridiculous price. Must we even say more?


Give the creative in your life a timing cube! It’s great for focused work sessions like writing sprints. Bonus, pair it with the desk bike for some simultaneous exercise!

The Past Within

Buy a copy of this digital game by Rusty Lake for yourself, and gift a copy to a friend! This is a cooperative adventure game that you can play offline.

Meditating Bigfoot

Bring some Zen to any desk with this 2” tall soft vinyl meditating Bigfoot.

Kickstart Creativity

This pack of 50 cards is sure to spark inspiration in any creative!

Lochby Field Journal

We love this field journal for its durability, its portability, and its pockets! Without looking back, we’re pretty sure this one’s a repeat on our gift-giving guides!

What great gifts have you received or given? Share in the gift guide by telling your favorites below!

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