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Welcome and 2019 Hot Cup Haiku Contest Winners Circle!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Roll-Up! The Magical Mystery Pour Begins!

Loud Coffee Press is about many things, but its number one mission is supporting the community of writers that support us!

So, welcome. There's a chair waiting here for you. Sit down, open your laptop, and hang with us for a while.

To share how much we value our writing community, we wanted our inaugural post to showcase some extremely talented writers.

Without further ado, Loud Coffee Press is proud to present the four winners of our 2019 Hot Cup Haiku Contest.

These winners represent haikus in the traditional 3-line, 5/7/5 syllable format and were chosen from a competitive pool of entries.

In no particular order, we adored:


By: Leslie Arambula

Hot, fresh, sweet coffee

I can almost take a sip

Before they- “MOMMY!”

Instagram: @authorlesliearambula

Twitter: @leslie_arambula


Coffee Insight By: Andie Kirkdale

Liquid consciousness

Flowing through the synapses—

Insight like sunrise.

Instagram: @andiekirkdale



By: E. G. Tudor

Steaming tea with milk

Oh glorious morning brew

My hug in a mug

Instagram: @from_the_desk_of_grace_tudor



By: Kaylena Radcliff

The mug steams, liquid

richness tipped to lips. One sip

to wake mind and soul.

Instagram: @kaylenaradcliff

Twitter: @ktherad

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