Is writer's block giving you the blues?  Banishing the block with this candle duo! The tall candle is a prayer to the Writing Gods, while the shorter candle will burn away your blues in no time. Grab a match, light responsibly, and we guarantee* that words will flow.


With a pen and candlelight, 

oh, Writer's Block, please hear my plight.


I know my writing took a hit, 

but I’m all done creating shit.


So with a match, I’ll light a flame

and dive into the this writing game.


Hear this prayer, you heavy block, 

I wish to make my writing rock!


*Not Guaranteed, but we are rooting for you!

Writer's Block Candle Set

SKU: 000114
  • Set of 2 candles

    Glass, wax, vinyl sticker label, and instructional label

    Larger candle: 8 inches tall by two inch diameter

    Smaller candle: Approximately 2.5 inches tall by 2 inch diameter

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