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The  Big  List  of  Cool  Things

A compilation of our bi-weekly 3 - 4* Really Cool Things E-mail

March 6, 2020

1. The Moby Dick Big Read Podcast

Listen to our favorite classic read out loud by celebrities and great voices!

2. Music-map.com

Type in any band to find recommendations for more music you might like. If you figure out the algorithm, let us know!

3. The Art of Improvement YouTube Channel

A channel with short animated videos, themed by the concept of "how to live better.

4. Blue Oyster Cult's (Don't Fear) the Reaper slowed down 800%

The rock classic gets a makeover to become your favorite 40-minute ambient soother.

March 20, 2020

1. Banned books websites

Here's a site of classic banned books and banned books from the last five years!

2. Vintage Covers

This is a spoof Instagram account that takes vintage book covers and remakes them into comedic gold. Fair warning: these have a tendency to get a bit... vulgar.

3. Unf*ck Your Writing

Stop Listening to Bullshit Advice, Just Write Better, Get Published, & Share Your Inner World  by Joel Biel and Faith Harper

This 42-page zine distills excellent information from the writing and publishing industry into a handy guide that you're likely to actually finish reading. 

4. The Wicker Man and Radiohead's Burn the Witch

Robin Hardy's 1973 cult classic is back on Netflix. We highly recommend pairing it with Radiohead's music video. Let us know if you see any similarities.

April 3, 2020

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