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A compilation of our bi-weekly 3 - 4* Really Cool Things E-mail


June 15, 2020


This is coffee culture at its finest: a website dedicated to coffee news, updates and journalism from around the globe. Click on over to find brew guides, product reviews, shops by city, and bean banter.

2. Bandcamp

This website allows you to purchase new music and goods directly from artists, thereby directly supporting them. It also allows you to connect to fans that like what you like, and keep an ear on all things new. 

3. Austin Kleon's Tedx KC Talk

Need around 11 minutes of inspiration? Here's Austin Kleon, the author that tells us to "Steal Like an Artist," showing us exactly how that's done in this uplifting and inspiring Tedx talk. 

4. Ineedcoffee's Coffee Comics

This website for coffee fans by coffee fans brings a bit of nostalgia from days when a print-filled paper used to be dropped at your doorstep. Remember the funny pages? Get them here in coffee form.


June 26, 2020

1. Coming Soon!


2. XXX


3. XXX



July 10,2020

1. Coming Soon!


2. XXX


3. XXX



May 1, 2020

1. Lost in Vegas

In this week's list, we saved the funniest for first. Go down a rabbit hole with YouTube's favorite free-thinkers as they listen to songs and give live reactions to music videos.

2. Literary Hub

It's like the news center of the internet, but for the literary world. You can sign up for free and get a daily or weekly Email about all things literary. 

3. LikeLike museum game

I played, I laughed, and then I cried, but because of the laughing. This free multiplayer online game puts you in a a museum where the object is to talk to other players and figure out the theme of the museum room, then interact in that theme. Rhyme room? Speak only in rhymes. You get it it. Grab a friend and walk in together. 


May 15, 2020

1. We gave away a free gift!

We are giving every subscriber a free copy of Loud Coffee Press' Guide to Getting it Done: How to Take Your Short Stories From Written to Published. It's a handy resource on getting your flash fiction, short work, poems, etc., from polished to published. Hit any subscribe button on our website to claim your free download!

2. EveryNoise

Ever wonder what post-post hardcore sounds like? How about dub poetry? Garage punk blues? uses an algorithm to analyze Spotify data to show what every music genre - basically ever - sounds like. Don't click on this link unless you have at least an hour to spend going down a music rabbit hole. 

3. Cloud Bread

Everyone's making bread these days, but why pack on the carbs? Here's a recipe (one of many!) for cloud bread - a three ingredient, no-carb bread that's customizable in a hundred different ways. May we suggest adding everything bagel seasoning? Oh yes, we may. 


May 29, 2020

1. Coffitivity

Does lockdown have you missing the coffee shop ambience? Here's an app that mimics the sounds of your favorite cafes and lets you balance it with your tunes!

2. 2 Minutes to Late Night

A heavy metal-themed talk show with a comedy bent. The show combines comedy of late-night television with amazing covers of songs from Boston to Ozzy!

3. LiveFrom

We've been missing live music in a bad way. Then, we found a website that hosts live intimate concerts for less than the cost of a movie ticket. 


March 6, 2020

1. The Moby Dick Big Read Podcast

Listen to our favorite classic read out loud by celebrities and great voices!


Type in any band to find recommendations for more music you might like. If you figure out the algorithm, let us know!

3. The Art of Improvement YouTube Channel

A channel with short animated videos, themed by the concept of "how to live better.

4. Blue Oyster Cult's (Don't Fear) the Reaper slowed down 800%

The rock classic gets a makeover to become your favorite 40-minute ambient soother.


March 20, 2020

1. Banned books websites

Here's a site of classic banned books and banned books from the last five years!

2. Vintage Covers

This is a spoof Instagram account that takes vintage book covers and remakes them into comedic gold. Fair warning: these have a tendency to get a bit... vulgar.

3. Unf*ck Your Writing

Stop Listening to Bullshit Advice, Just Write Better, Get Published, & Share Your Inner World  by Joel Biel and Faith Harper

This 42-page zine distills excellent information from the writing and publishing industry into a handy guide that you're likely to actually finish reading. 

4. The Wicker Man and Radiohead's Burn the Witch

Robin Hardy's 1973 cult classic is back on Netflix. We highly recommend pairing it with Radiohead's music video. Let us know if you see any similarities.


April 3, 2020

1. Text Mixing Desk V. 2.0

This website from Lazarus Corporation puts a creative spin on William S. Burroughs cut-up technique to get your writing juices flowing. Input some text, modify your parameters, and watch the words remix.

2. The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

Want to send a gift to the creative that has everything? It's the perfect time to reach out and show you care. Send a pair of Freudian Slippers, a bar of Soap it Goes, or a Here's Looking at Euclid t-shirt to an isolationist in need.

3. Netflix Party

Miss movie nights with friends? Hop onto a Chrome browser, download the Netflix Party extension, and sign into Netflix. Start playing the video. Click on the red NP icon next to the address bar. Click "Start Party" and share the URL with friends. A chat box will appear in the same window as your video and you'll be able to start and stop the video as the same time as your party. The only thing missing is a real life popcorn dispenser. 

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