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Loud Coffee Press is a quarterly literary journal. Please carefully read all guidelines. 

Submissions that do not adhere to guidelines will not be accepted. 

***The most important information we can share is that work submitted to Loud Coffee Press does not have to be about coffee or music!

We publish all genres of flash fiction, poetry, and art, but each of our published pieces contain some hint(s) of coffee and/or music.***

We are currently open to flash fiction, poetry, and art submissions. 



“Mobile Order” for flash fiction, poetry, and art


Here, we seek flash fiction, poetry, and art submissions that fit all genres


Flash fiction submissions under the "Mobile Order" section include original work that incorporates concepts of coffee and/or music in any form. Stories do not have to be about coffee or music; they must only contain these elements in some form (how much or how little is up to you). 


When considering coffee, for example, think about characters drinking, making, or buying coffee. Coffee can be a smell. The setting can be a cafe. Be creative. Coffee can be a major or the most minor of elements. Music must be present in some way, whether it's playing on a radio, or in the background, or the characters are discussing music. Again, points for creativity. Please do not violate copyright laws when incorporating music. We don't like that kind of thing here. Every other part of your story is up to you. 


Flash fiction submissions can be two sizes: our single-shot espresso runs from 99 to 250 words. Double shots are anywhere from 250 to 1000 words. We love to see what you can do on the shorter end of the word count. We seek stories that have the three important elements of flash: emotion, the turn (or the twist) and resonance. We look for a compressed arc in a narrow space. 


Poetry submissions must include reference to coffee and/or music but do not necessarily need to contain both. Please limit poetry to no more than three (3) poems totaling five (5) pages. 

Art submissions must include reference to coffee and/or music but do not necessarily need to contain both. We look for high quality art  (photographic and graphic art) to use in Loud Coffee Press. Please limit to no more than three (3) files of high resolution .JPEG or .GIF formats. 

Procedures for All Submissions


Submit your work via Email to: loudcoffeepress@gmail.com, and title the Email “SUBMISSION FICTION - ‘Submission Title,’” or “SUBMISSION POETRY - ‘Submission Title,’” in the subject line, depending on submission type. ​


Flash fiction submissions should be formatted according to Proper Manuscript Format. See https://www.shunn.net/format/story.html.  HOWEVER - and this is important - PLEASE DISREGARD ALL SECTIONS OF THIS FORMAT THAT INCLUDE PLACING YOUR CONTACT AND/OR IDENTIFYING INFORMATION ON THE DOCUMENT. Our editors read will anonymously read submissions. Other style deviations from this submission format (i.e. experimental formatting) should greatly enhance the flash fiction piece; this is a risk and will be at the discretion of the editors. 


Poetry should be adhere to the format described here: https://www.shunn.net/format/poem.html, and should disregard all sections of this format that include placing your contact information on the document for the same reasons as described above. 

All fiction and poetry submissions should be included as an Email attachment, and attached in .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX formats.

All art submissions should be included as an Email attachment, and attached in .JPEG or .GIF formats. 


In the body of the Email, please include the following:

  • flash fiction story size, if applicable (single- or double-shot), and the corresponding word count.
  • brief details about art submissions, if applicable
  • a print-ready, third-person author bio (100 words or less) 

  • any information relevant to your submission, including, but not limited to, things like a pen name you’d like us to publish your story under should it be accepted for publication. 


You may have up to one flash fiction piece, three poems, or three art pieces in our queue at any given time.


We are open to simultaneous submissions, however, should your submission be accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately via Email that you are withdrawing your submission from Loud Coffee Press.


We try our best to respond to all submissions within 60 days. If you have not heard from us within 60 days, please send us an Email inquiring about your submission.



If we publish your work, we require 120-day exclusive electronic rights, and indefinite non-exclusive electronic rights so we can include your story in our archives. We require non-exclusive print rights, for potential anthologies and promotional materials. All other rights remain yours.



Nonfiction Submissions

Loud Coffee Press does not accept unsolicited nonfiction submissions at this time.



Fiction/Poetry/Art Reprint Submissions 

Loud Coffee Press does not accept unsolicited fiction, poetry, or art reprint submissions at this time. 


We are a non-paying journal, but you will earn our immense gratitude, virtual cheers, and rock fingers.

Curious about what we look for in a submission?

Check out our interview with Six Questions For... to gain some extra insight about the writing that crosses our desk! 



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