Welcome   to  our  submission  cafe !

Loud Coffee Press is a quarterly literary journal. Please carefully read all guidelines. 

Submissions that do not adhere to guidelines will not be accepted. 

***The most important information we can share is that work submitted to Loud Coffee Press does not have to be about coffee or music!

We publish all genres of flash fiction, poetry, and art, but each of our published pieces contain some hint(s) of coffee and/or music.***

We are currently CLOSED to flash fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and art submissions. 



Submissions do not have to be about coffee or music; they must only contain one or both of these elements in some form (how much or how little is up to you). We are not interested in works based on current events. We view Loud Coffee Press as an escape from the 24-hour news cycle, so we tend to pass over submissions related to the news of the day. 


When considering coffee, for example, think about characters drinking, making, or buying coffee. Coffee can be a smell. The setting can be a cafe. Be creative. Coffee can be a major or the most minor of elements. Or, music is present in some way, whether it's playing on a radio, or in the background, or the characters are discussing music. The birds are singing. Again, points for creativity. Please do not violate copyright laws when incorporating music. We don't like that kind of thing here. Every other part of your story is up to you. 


  • Flash fiction submissions can be two sizes: our single-shots runs from 99 to 250 words. Double shots are anywhere from 250 to 1000 words. We love to see what you can do on the shorter end of the word count. We seek stories that have the three important elements of flash: emotion, the turn (or the twist) and resonance. We look for a compressed arc in a narrow space. 

  • **NEW** Creative non-fiction submissions: we will consider anything between 99 and 1000 words that does not violate the rights of another human being, group, or organization. Be sure to let us know your submission falls in this category. 


  • Poetry submissions must include reference to coffee and/or music but do not necessarily need to contain both. Please limit poetry to no more than three (3) poems. 

  • Art submissions (photographic or other) must include reference to or interpretation of coffee and/or music but do not necessarily need to contain either. Please limit to no more than three (3) files of high resolution .JPEG or .GIF formats. 

Procedures for All Submissions

  • Submit your work via Google Forms using the button below:​

  • We prefer Times New Roman, size 12-point font in .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF format and .JPEG or .GIF for art.

  • We are not interested in work with heavy political or pandemic-related themes.

  • You may have up to one flash fiction piece, one creative non-fiction piece, three poems, or three art pieces in our queue at any given time.

  • We are open to simultaneous submissions, however, should your submission be accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately via Email that you are withdrawing your submission from Loud Coffee Press.

  • We try our best to respond to all submissions within 90 days. If you have not heard from us within 90 days, please send us an Email inquiring about your submission.

  • If you have trouble submitting through our form, you can submit through email (loudcoffeepress@gmail.com). Please include your bio in the body of the email. 


If we publish your work, we require first electronic rights and nonexclusive right to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit and sell digital reproductions; we may include your story in our archived material and social media.

Fiction/Poetry/Art Reprint Submissions 

Loud Coffee Press does not accept unsolicited fiction, poetry, or art reprint submissions at this time. 


We are a non-paying journal, but you will earn our immense gratitude, virtual cheers, and rock fingers.

*****Note: These add-ons are not required, nor do they impact your chances of publication!***


Add Ons

Are you looking for feedback on your fiction or poetry submission? Do you want your submission prioritized? For the price of a cheap cup of diner coffee, we are offering two services:


1. Coffee with an Editor ($3): After we read your submission, we will email you a minimum of one paragraph of constructive feedback about your work. As both writers and editors, we value the importance of helpful feedback with our writing. Over the last few years, we’ve read thousands of submissions, and we feel that we have much to offer to our writing community in terms of feedback. 


2. Express Coffee ($3): We will read and respond back to you about your submission within a week. 


If you are interested in either or both of these services:


1. Click the link to buy us a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LoudCoffeePress 

2. Input your name in the NAME field.

3. In the message section of the form, include the add-on(s), Coffee with an Editor or Express Coffee, and the name of your submission!

Curious about what we look for in a submission?

Check out our interview with Six Questions For... to gain some extra insight about the writing that crosses our desk!