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What About Blog? A Brief Update on The Asterisk

Our drafts!

We’re still here and we don’t plan on going anywhere. Let’s just get that out of the way. But, if you’re a loyal or even semi-regular reader of this blog, you might have noticed a lack of posts over the past few months.

So, why the absence?

Our creative wells got a little low.

To rectify this, we (Annie and Fred) took some personal time to dedicate to our own writing. Loud Coffee Press is a labor of love (and… labor) but when weekly blog posts supplanted our ability to pour into other projects, something had to give.

We assume you have a creative well, too. It’s easy to accidentally drain it. You may want to sit and write/paint/draw/sing/fill-in-the-blank. But when you’ve spent the day ignoring your own creative itch, that itch can become a little, well, rashy.

Essentially, if you ignore your own creative energy, other projects begin to suffer.

As any writer knows, it can be embarrassing to droll on about the same project year after year with no movement. When Fred hit the 10-year mark on his current novel-in-progress, (B)roken (S)entences and Annie hit the 4-year mark on The Boy Who Brought the Sea, we knew it was time to get. It. Done.

Don’t get us wrong; we love this magazine to no end. And we love our own projects, too. So we compromised over the past few months: continue to put out a high-quality magazine, but reclaim a little bit of blog time.

The Asterisk will return to its full self in the near future. With it, we hope to share some of our own accomplishments as we celebrate the creative community around us. Thanks for sticking it out.

Cheers, love, and rock fingers.

We would love to hear about how you juggle your creative projects. If you liked this post, hit the heart! if you loved it, why not....

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Absolutely! And it's so, so hard to center your own creativity. It's so hard to say no. It's so easy to let other things and people you love encroach. Good for you two!


John E. Meredith
John E. Meredith
May 03, 2023

Feeling this deeply.

Got a short story I've been working on for months and months. Blew right past the deadline almost two months ago now, but then so did everyone else who was contributing, including the editor. So maybe there's just something in the air.

I could provide numerous excuses, all of them quite valid, but the creative flow for said story has simply been a slow trickle. Meanwhile, other ideas come up, almost daily pieces of poetry and prose appear, I'm taking and editing photos. Just don't ask me to concentrate on anything for long.

The both of you do such great work, here and elsewhere, so no fear. This space has been missed, but we knew it was…

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