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Does Art Provide What You Need?

There's a great deal of philosophical discussion on creativity that takes place at the Loud Coffee Press offices. Recently, we connected with the concept that there are certain albums, movies, stories, and more, that for whatever reason, you may not be ready for upon first presentation. Tastes change, mindset changes, and sometimes, we change. But when you're ready for it, it will hit you like the favorite you never knew you needed.

We have our instances of later-loved art. For all the synth music Annie poo-pooed over her early years, she can't stop doing robot dances to Kraftwerk now. Metal-master Fred found his dusty-road groove in the dulcet tones of Neil Young.

But, what about you? We headed to our LCP Instagram page with this statement and asked our community to respond:

“You take from art what you need at the time.”

“The beauty of art is that it meets you where you are, always. There is truth in art, and the truth of it is never lost (though oft misinterpreted, but that is a comment for another time). The journey one takes while exploring a painting; while visiting a novel or watching a play or enjoying a symphony, changes, the art takes you along new roads, offered different insights, while the destination remains the same as it ever was and will be. Art gives to you what you put into it, challenges you to return at a later date if you’re not ready for its lesson.” - Katherine Mansfield @bykatherinemansfield

“I’ve always wondered about this. It seems to me like the subjectivity of art not only encases the relationship between artist and consumer, but also the state at which said art meets both parties in their life at any given moment. Pretty fascinating when you think about all the books I’ve read (and re-read) over the years!” - Glen Binger @bingbangbooks

Then, we asked our Instagram readers to tell us more!

"What’s one piece of art (a movie, a book, an album, etc.) that you didn’t connect with the first time, but loved at a later point?"

“Little Women” - @natyverse

“Last Reformed. Hated it when leaving the theater. Loved it on a second watch at home.” - @danyowell_art

“Catcher in the Rye” - @em.c143

“The Shape of Punk to Come - The Refused” - @dan_sobp

“Foxygen - We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic” - @tlamothe

“The Great Gatsby (book)” - @bykatherinemansfield

“Stand by Me” - @carly_schneider

Parks and Rec!” - @daniellelyn23

“The Starless Sea” - @jessikagreweglover

“‘The Dark Heroine’ by Abigail Gibbs” - @gillmcinereney_writer

“I couldn’t get into Linkin Park’s Meteora when it first came out. Now it’s one of my go-tos.” - @bingbangbooks

“Tragically Hip’s Yer Favorites. It’s part of my DNA now.” - @mattthegreater1

“Project 86 - Truthless Heroes” - @jphilly85

Have you ever connected with a piece of art at a later time? Hit the heart to let us know! Tell us what it was in the comments below! OR...

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