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Drink Your Mushrooms: A Review of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

"What are you making?" My daughter asks. "Mushroom coffee. Want to try it?" "No," she says quickly. "No, thanks." "But, it's filled with earthy goodness!" "I don't want to drink something that smells like dinner."

It's true, your first whiff of mushroom coffee might cause you to question the life decision that led you to moment before you sip a drink with the aroma of Earth. It resembles coffee, but when you raise the cup to your lips, the smell can only be described as mushroomy. Let me back up. I'm the kind of person that likes to try different things, especially if it intrigues me. Being open to trying new foods has expanded my palate and introduced me to foods like raw fish and grilled octopus. There are some things that I draw the line at, like jellyfish or raw red meat (both are a thing). But, mushroom coffee? Pour me a cup! After months of listening to Joe Rogan tout the deliciousness and healthy benefits of mushroom coffee on his podcast, I decided that I needed to try some. I went to the local health-food store, and they had a few different flavors in instant packets, so I tried a variety from the company Four Sigmatic. If you visit their website, you'll find that they have many different varieties of mushroom coffees and elixirs that claim a range of health benefits such as mental focus and immune system support. Does mushroom coffee actually have health benefits? I have no clue. There are many articles on the internet touting the health benefits of different kinds of mushrooms . I believe the old adage, you are what you eat, so I would like to think that consuming healthy food is good for you. While I'm not a dietitian, I can tell you from experience that I always feel better after eating a salad than a plate of heavy pasta and a good IPA. How does mushroom coffee taste? Let's take a look, shall we? I'll admit that my first taste of mushroom coffee was less than stellar. It doesn't taste like coffee, let's get that out of the way, and yes, it's earthy in the same way that unsweetened matcha tastes like the lawn.

When I drink coffee, I take it black, like my soul, so I'm not used to putting any sugar in my drinks. After I finished my first cup of mushroom coffee, I was intrigued by the exotic flavor but wasn't sure that it would be a taste I'd want in my daily world. A few days later, I decided to try it again, but this time, I added just a little sweetener to see if it would make a difference. The difference was magic! A teaspoon of sweetener turned me into a mushroom coffee fiend, but unlike most addicts, I can admit that I have a habit. I mostly stick to the Lion's Mane and the Adaptogen versions, although the Cocoa is a delicious treat before bed. What I've noticed is that a cup gives you the lift of coffee without the jitters. Matcha tea has the same effect on me. But don't take my word for it. I've asked a few of my fellow mushroom coffee drinkers for their thoughts, and here is they say:

"At first I thought they just sold me a packet of soil. I mean it smelled like dirt before I added the hot water. But I've grown to love it so much that it's ruined all other coffee for me. The taste, the smell, the supercharge to my thinking. Writing hasn't been the same since."

"When I first heard that mushroom coffee was amazing, I wondered which side of the joke I was on. But, it immediately became a favorite. I drink my coffee black, but with mushroom coffee, I add about a quarter to a half-teaspoon of regular sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Its a treat in the afternoon. It smells like dessert and has none of the bitterness of regular coffee." - Annie James Thomas, Loud Coffee Press, Editor

If you're an adventurous soul when it comes to your palate, I would highly recommend trying a cup of this delicious and healthy brew. I wrote this review for a couple of reasons. For one, we only review things that we like, as we have no affiliation with any sponsors. And secondly, every time I mention mushroom coffee, people ask me a ton of questions about it. If you want to try it, I would suggest looking for a single packet in your local health food store. My favorite way to enjoy mushroom coffee is with a teaspoon of sweetener and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. I've tried using honey, and the flavors do not pair well. Four Sigmatic sent out an email this with a recipe for making Dalgona Coffee. You whip two packets of mushroom coffee with (1) Tbsp of sugar and (1) Tbsp of hot water and then pour it over milk (dairy or non-dairy). I tried this recipe with almond milk. While it tasted delicious, my whipping skills left much to be desired as you can see from the picture below:

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