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EBB Design Diary #1: Catching Up!

Welcome to the Eight Bells Bluff (EBB) game design diary! Eight Bells Bluff is a tabletop role-playing game designed by writers for writers, new and seasoned. 

The design team consists of me, Fred Charles, and Annie James Thomas. Not only are we writers, but we are owners of Loud Coffee Press LLC and its corresponding literary magazine.

As avid gamers, we have dreamed of making our own game, but we were waiting for the right idea to emerge from the universe. When the concept for EBB appeared from the creative ooze of our brains, we knew it was the one.

I started game mastering Dungeons and Dragons at age eleven and continued playing for the next 20 years. Besides Dungeons and Dragons, I have played Warhammer Fantasy, Paranoia, Traveller, Call of Cthulu, Chill, GURPS, Palladium, and countless others that I've forgotten over time.

As a child, Annie James Thomas created a live-action role-playing game about solving detective mysteries and putting criminals behind bars. The game involved live scenarios, written clues, puzzle-solving, and short story writing. She went on to play for about 10 years, and now plays Dungeons and Dragons with her kids.

Eight Bells Bluff is in currently in the game design phase. We are busy writing the backstory, fleshing out the game phases, and working on the Kickstarter campaign. 

Our goal is to create a game that helps new writers learn the craft and presents a challenge to experienced writers. Many of us writers deal with creative block. EBB will help get your creative juices flowing by guiding you through each twist and turn of a story that you create!

Our primary focus at the moment is to have a working prototype by late December 2020 before the Kickstarter launches. 

If you are interested in learning about EBB, sign up for the Loud Coffee Press email newsletter, or visit us on Instagram at @eightbellsbluff.

Happy Writing!

-Fred Charles-

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