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The Sticky Truth About Daily Creative Practice

Way back in 2013, before the world went insane, I found myself creatively blocked. I had lost interest in writing, but my creative drive was still keeping me up late at night and bugging throughout the day to create something…anything!

I clearly remember sitting in my home office one quiet Sunday afternoon, opening up a desk drawer and finding a new set of acrylic paints that I bought years prior. With nothing to lose and no writing project to work on, I opened the paints, dialed up a beginners' painting video on YouTube, and off I went on a painting spree that lasted for a few years.

Painting rekindled my love for drawing. I started doodling like crazy on sticky notes at work while I was on conference calls. After a few weeks of drawing these tiny works of art, I decided to post my primitive drawings on Facebook and Instagram. I received so much positive feedback from gracious artists who were lightyears ahead of me that I continued to draw and post.

The Early Days of the Daily Sticky Note Challenge

At some point, I realized that I had posted several drawings without missing a day. It was then that I decided to make a challenge out of this daily practice. Could I draw one sticky note a day without missing a day for a whole year? As soon as I had the thought, I knew it was something I had to do.

And so, the adventure began! The drawings were simple enough at first because I had so many ideas in my head, but as the weeks rolled on, they became more than cute drawings; the art began to express my anxieties, frustrations, and became mirror of the times.

When I look back at these drawings years later, I realize that all of my stress, creative woes, and personal anxieties were born into bite-sized works of art. They weren’t all serious, of course! Some of them were funny sight gags, while others told mini-stories over a few days, not unlike comic strips.

Some of them memorialized the deaths of famous musicians and celebrities, while others dealt with political divides and social issues!

As I continued on this journey, I began writing a few paragraphs to go along with each drawing. As you probably can guess, combining a daily writing practice with the artwork reignited my love for writing. My sticky note art challenge brought me full circle!

Having a daily creative practice kept me going through some tough times. The challenge gave me something to work on everyday. No matter what the result, I felt fulfilled and proud at the end of each day. Somedays, I would wake up and immediately knew what to draw, but other days found me banging my head against the wall and sometimes my desk in the hopes of inspiration striking.

I can tell you from experience, my brain would always come up with something, even when I thought that writer’s block or creative block or whatever you want to call it- had won out.

There’s so much truth the “butt-in-the-chair” philosophy. If you sit down and do the work, the muse will show up! I have over 400 sticky notes to prove it!

Sticky Note #365

This was the final sticky note of the challenge! I created this six-panel piece of connected sticky notes that shows me flying away in a balloon leaving behind a trail of sticky notes! I did continue drawing them after day 365, but never on a consistent basis. While I do sell prints of a select few in our store, I have almost all of them stored away in photo albums for some use in the future!


We hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it and taking a trip down memory lane! If you enjoyed it, hit the heart or leave a comment, or tag us in your own artwork on social media! 365 days of anything is no small feat... including drinking coffee:

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3 comentarios

"While I do sell prints of a select few in our store, I have almost all of them stored away in photo albums for some use in the future!"

These are amazing. We need an oversized, hardbound coffee-table book of the entire collection :)

Or at the very least sell prints of some of the incredible ones shown in this post, or perhaps a poster with your favorite 30...?

Me gusta

John E. Meredith
John E. Meredith
13 abr 2022

Absolutely incredible.

Me gusta

Chris Bodor
Chris Bodor
13 abr 2022

This is another inspiration article. I love your content. I hope to one day submit something that your editors like.

Me gusta
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