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A Pictoral Visit to Our First Punk Rock Flea Market!

This past weekend, Loud Coffee Press participated in its first in-person show! Take a visual journey with us through the epic time we had at the Phoenixville Punk Rock Flea Market in Phoenixville, PA!

The weeks ahead began with tons of preparation. We printed 100 new copies of our books, all the extras so we could make special packages, and got to getting crafty. We matted art prints, made magnets, and were sure to stay hydrated along the way.

We added loads of new merchandise to our repertoire, hoping to draw a large crowd to the Loud Coffee Press table!

As always, the Loud Coffee Press magazine and chapbooks remained our shining stars.

During the night before, we were lulled into a false sense of security that Flea Market Day would be nice and easy. We were prepped and organized; poised to meet hundreds of new people and introduce them to our wonderfully weird world.

We decided the best thing to do would be to arrive bright and early to set up our table. With the Market starting at 1pm, we arrived at 10am. Our space was colorful and loud, and it was as if Vonnegut himself guided us to our spot as we were located directly in front of this wonderful asterisk.

We got to checking out the scenery and hauled in our wares.

With only three hours ahead to set up, we hauled butt. The Loud Coffee Press table was set up and ready promptly by... 10:16 am.

By 10:34, we were already exhausted.

(Oh, Fred made a new friend in the set-up. That perked us up a bit.)

A little coffee and bagels helped, too, and soon enough, 1pm rolled around. Although there was quiet before then, the music dialed up to an 11 when the doors open, and crowds rolled in. From then on, it was game time.

We were pretty proud of our little table! Here's what the crowd saw...

...and here was our view from behind...

Seriously, by the end, we were exhausted and our hearts were full. Naps were needed. These are our tired faces. This may also be our band photo someday.

Once 6pm rolled around, our hearts were full, and we had come away with a bunch of new friends and acquaintances! It was easier to pack up than expected, but hard to say goodbye!

Want to hang with us at a future event? Come and visit us at Jawnaroo in NJ on 5/21!

Love shopping? Click the little heart icon in solidarity! Tell us about where you like to spend your moolah below. My grandma always says, "You can't take it with you when you're dead."

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Chris Bodor
Chris Bodor
30 mar 2022

I really enjoyed reading about your book table adventures. I love your press and how you combine music and coffee. There is still time for your to join us in St. Augustine a week from this Saturday for PoetFest. Happening all day April 9th with kick off open mic on April 8th from 7-9 pm. Damian Rucci is roundtripping down from New Jersey to perform and so is Grand Rapids publisher Mike Zone (Dumpster Fire Press). If not, then please think about joining us next year during National Poetry Month (April).

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