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Fun Facts with Loud Coffee Press: All the Things You Probably Don't Need to Know, But Now You Do

Hey there, LCPers, new and old, near and far, fresh, and... less fresh (wait, what?)!

I’m sitting in bed, with two pillows propping me up, trying to figure out what to write for this week’s blog. Annie usually writes the blog and she hasn’t missed one since we started this adventure over a year and half ago. Through a series of unfortunate events including broken air-conditioners, migraines, time dilations, sweltering heat, writer’s block, and shattered glasses, we found ourselves on the eve of our scheduled blog post without a single seed of an idea. We even reached out to our resident crank, Frank Blank, to see if he had any ideas, but he told us to piss off!

While pondering what to write, we realized that you might not know the folks behind the curtain all that well. We thought it might be fun to present a series of facts about the LCP editors and let you guess who they belong to. Is it Annie that lives for lobster as her favorite food? (Yes.) Does Fred go gaga for Devo? (Also yes.) Dive in below and see how you score. Try not to cheat! Answers are revealed at the bottom of the post.

Without further ado...

...welcome to "How Well Do You Know Fred and Annie?"

1. This editor used to play guitar in a thrash metal band called Deviance.

2. This editor once created a giant role-playing game without knowing that RPGs even existed.

3. This editor is a closeted singer that belts it out in cars, showers, and open public spaces.

4. This editor is a college professor when not working on LCP.

5. This editor is terrified of snakes but loves spiders.

6. This editor only discovered a love for coffee within the last four years.

7. This editor used to run a fantasy-themed literary webzine.

8. This editor once gave a TEDx talk that will be released to the world soon.

9. This editor is terrified of cockroaches but once owned a snake.

10. This editor once lost 400 albums in what we refer to as the great flood.

11. This editor once co-wrote an entire comic book that never made it to publication.

12. This editor has owned three small vintage shops.

13. This editor once got trapped in an Italian train car with a stowaway.

14. This editor used to review video games and music for online web publications.

15. This editor drew a piece of art on a sticky note every day for 365 days and never missed a day.

16. This editor is an accomplished photographer.

17. This editor has two siblings.

18. This editor owns a dog.

19. This editor has an unnatural love for horror movies.

20. This editor can't dance.

Answers: 1. Fred - the band played several shows in Philly in the 1980s and recorded a demo tape; 2. Annie - it was based on catching criminals and she played it for years; 3. Annie - if she thinks you're listening, she immediately stops; 4. Annie - and it has nothing to do with literature, writing, or English! 5. Annie; 6. Fred - he used to drink tea (blasphemy, we know); 7. Fred - the original business cards are THE SHIT, too; 8. Annie - I mean, do you even read this blog? 9. Fred; 10. Fred - because he used to have a bedroom in the basement of his parents' house and one time it rained too hard; 11. Fred - and it was about VAMPIRES!!! He co-wrote with his super cool friend Charlie. (That's what we call a shout-out.) 12. Annie - she can fix up antiques like a champ; 13. Annie - he even took photos with her because she didn't give him away to the ticketing agent; 14. Fred - it was metal music for The Koffin and games for Games Domain online; 15. It was Fred. Seriously?? 16. Annie - now she just has a really good iPhone; 17. Fred and Annie! 18. Fred and Annie! Fred owns Marbles and Annie owns Rosie. Actually, they own us. 19. Fred and Annie! Well, Fred has always loved them, and Annie realized she wasn't afraid of them about two or three years ago and now watches every one ever, even the suck ones. 20. Both of us. We are literally blocks with legs.

IT'S YOUR TURN! Tell us something about you in the comments below! Leave an interesting fact, and for every fact that appears, we will not do a happy dance. Or will we?

Hello. We love you. We'd tap your heart if you'd let us, so why not tap ours? Or...

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Nice glimpse behind the curtain at the two wizards that create this site and zine. I think readers would love to see follow-up posts elaborating on items 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 14.

But please no more about #10. Every South Philadelphian has lost cherished items in a random basement flood; my own casualties include a record collection, dozens of 2600 and Genesis carts, and a box of comics which were bagged and boarded, but of course not lifted above floor level :(

Jul 06, 2021
Replying to

Thank goodness Providence was above the flood zone 😂


Jul 01, 2021

I have a Loud Coffee Press sticker on my Harley. The sticker can be seen during many of my motovlogs (more to come!) found at MATTTHEGREETER - YouTube

Jul 02, 2021
Replying to

That’s awesome! We’ll check it out!

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