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Following the Mystic Muse: Harnessing Tarot Cards for Creativity

Welcome, fellow seekers of inspiration and creativity, aka the Loud Coffee Press family, to Madame Annie's Divine Tarot Inspiration for Creatives. Let's together embark on a transcendent journey, arching above the ordinary realm...

Nope, can't do it. Can't keep up with the weirdly mystic voice. Also, kudos to those that truly know how to read tarot. Admittedly, I don't, but I do enjoy finding new ways to harness my creativity. As an owner of one-too-many tarot decks for someone who can only minimally interpret tarot, I find myself turning to the cards for other purposes. I find that pulling a card may either validate my current creative path or simply provide pictorial inspiration upon which I can spew off a few sentences or paragraphs. Whether you're like me, an artist that uses the cards at face value to knock on creativity's door, or you're a long-time tarot devotee, let's explore the ways in which tarot can unlock the doors to imagination.

Setting the Stage to Create the Page

Traditional tarot involves ritual and intention, similar to how many artists work. When we create, it's often important to establish a calm, relaxing, and somewhat sacred space to invite our fullest selves to the craft. If using tarot to emblazon your creativity, you may want to start the same way: establish a space free from distraction, dim the lights, light a candle, put on a soothing record--whatever may help you dive deeper into the experience. Shuffle the tarot deck and focus on your creative aspirations.

Dance with the Deck

Once you have prepared your space, clear your mind and allow your intuition to guide your selection from the deck. Or, choose a card that visually resonates with you and/or the project at hand. Explore the card's imagery, symbols, and colors, and dwell for a moment or longer on how the card, and any of its components, may weave themselves into your work. Does the card invoke a specific emotion? Perhaps that's what you write. Does it tell you a story in its own right? Everyone has both the right and ability to draw a unique interpretation on any given card.

Embrace an Archetype

Tarot decks are chock full of archetypal characters and narratives that can inspire your creative endeavors. Be it The Fool, The Magician, or The High Priestess—all possess qualities that can be woven into or embraced by your characters. Consider meshing tarot archetypes with traditional archetypes. You may find a new perspective towards a character or storyline.

Satisfy the Self-Reflection

Tarot cards can serve as windows into our psyche. The way in which you interpret a card can help reveal or uncover hidden truths, fears, or self-realization. Are you struggling through a creative block? Perhaps the cards can help you confront whatever is holding you back. Spread a tarot deck and pull a card that symbolizes or mirrors your current creative challenges. Does it provide a fresh perspective? Offer you any wisdom? Help you seek some fresh inspiration?

Overall, consider tarot as a form of collaborative alchemy. Whether or not you believe in any messages contained within the cards, they may exist to you solely to expand your artistic ventures. By merging visual storytelling with an existing narrative, you may stand to discover something new about your writing. Tarot presents an opportunity to dig beyond the surface and tap into the depths of our imagination.

What other forms of creative alchemy do you use?

Tell us in the comments below, leave some love or...

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Geoffrey Philp
Geoffrey Philp
Jul 17, 2023

This is so timely! I've just finished writing a book of haiku, "The Oshun Diaries," which combines the wisdom traditions of the Tarot and Ifa to tell the story of the Fool/Seeker, Oshun, the Orisha of beauty, love, and muse of poets, and her journey through the Tarot.


@Fauifesto and @ari_wisner have created several decks for creatives

some are non gender some are poetic. They are all works of art

i took a work shop where the pulled cards were the prompts. We wrote for 15 minutes and another card was pulled. It was fun hearing what we all wrote

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