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Loud Coffee Press: State of the Union

Hey there, LCP family. Did you know this is our 34th blog post? We've been busy little quarantined writers/editors over the past few months, and thought it was well past time to share some exciting updates with you! Got your coffee in hand? Music on? Welcome to our very first Loud Coffee Press State of the Union.

You made our second issue a fantastic success! It was released on May 1st, and we are massively proud of it. If you haven't read it yet, take a look here. Issue one still got a hold on your heart? That lovely read is here. The contributors to both issues are simply outstanding.

Hopefully, you're on our Email list, and are receiving our 3 - 4 Very Cool Things* newsletter every two weeks, along with our magazine issues delivered directly into your inbox when they release. We send those Emails ourselves, so they only reach you when we click "send" on very specific days! Any subscription button on our website will put you on our one and only mailing list. Oh, and that asterisk on the end of our "Things*?" It's intentional...

You might have noticed a new asterisk logo we rolled out in our last newsletter...

It's the start of our blog branding! Check it out this very rough version of where we're headed:

Cool spokes on the asterisk, right? They mean something to us. Specifically, they're outlined in this draft:

That little Westie in the corner has become our mascot. Meet El Jefe, or Jefe, for short. Jefe has inspired a bunch of great products to add to our next big project...

Our new online merchandise shop! You'll be seeing that in a few weeks! We've got some fun things headed there, too. The standard LCP brand stuff, which we're pretty fond of (coffee and flames? amazing!), and we'll continue to expand as Jefe whispers sweet nothings that he designates brand-worthy, like these sneak peeks:

Don't worry. We still love giving stuff away for free. We always will. In fact, we've been working hard to polish our very first ebook, which we will be giving away for free to every single new subscriber to our website! Of course, we're going to send one to all of our loyal current subscribers, too. We'd never do you guys wrong. The book is our take on how to get your short work (short stories, poetry, flash fiction, etc.) published, from how to search for publication outlets, to how to ready your submission, and how to finally submit. It's a sweet read that looks like this:

That's not all. In HUGE NEWS, we've submitted our paperwork to be RBT. That stands for REAL BIG TIME... we're officially on our way to becoming an LLC! Why an LLC? Because in the grand vision, which we are sharing with you here for the first time now, we're introducing you to Loud Coffee Press, the lifestyle brand.

Essentially, we strive to be a home for quirky creatives. A comfortable and welcome place, where you can sip your coffee, chill with your music, laugh with friends, and be massively inspired. Come on in and see all the cool shit we’ve curated just for you. In a world of stars, be an asterisk.* (It’s our motto!)

Our literary journal is at the heart of it all. We're always open for your best flash fiction, poetry, and art. Give our submission guidelines a read sometime.

We're pretty excited because we're just getting started. There’s so much more in the pipelines that we can’t wait to share.

The best part of it all? You. One hundred percent you. For that, you have our constant gratitude, our cheers, our love, and of course, our rock fingers.

-Fred Charles and Annie James Thomas

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