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Loud Coffee Press State of the Union: Summer 2022!

Sometimes it feels like we never sleep. As a two-person team running, let's face it, a literary empire*, we're burning the proverbial candle at both ends. To that end (the bottom? top?) we're sorry to each and every one of you who holds the hot question: "when am I ever going to get a response to the awesome piece I submitted way back when?" Well, we're currently running about a month behind our usual three-month response time, but we'll be back on track in literally no time.

We have a whole lotta stuff going on for the second part of 2022, so we thought it would be fun to share some of the goings-on with you!

The cover for Flower-Shaped Bullet! Art by Tezozomoc

When Flowers Fly

We asked and you answered in a big way! Back in March, we put out a call for submissions for our concept chapbook, Flower-Shaped Bullet. There wasn't any guidance on the theme, only a title. The book has come together in the most stunning way, and we are set to introduce many poets and artists that are established in their craft, but new to the LCP family. Flower-Shaped Bullet started out as an image that came from a dream, and it stayed with us for a long time waiting for its place in our canon. It ended up being a gorgeously imaginative chapbook with a variety of theme interpretations, set for pre-order on June 24th.

A slice of the art for 8BB by Dan Yowell!

The Big Game

We're hopeful that you've heard us mention our writing game that's been in development for the past few years. Eight Bells Bluff (8BB) is a writing haven for writers by writers, set in the fictional coastal town of Eight Bells Bluff. Allow yourself to be submersed in the creative setting while using traditional roleplaying game devices to learn how to craft a story. We've intentionally designed 8BB for the novice writer or the advanced storyteller, and set it for individual, group, or online play. Let it jumpstart your creativity, get you out of a writing rut, or prompt you for a solid day's work.

However you choose to use it, 8BB's Kickstarter preview page goes live on July 6th! In the days leading up to July 6th, we'll be sharing small pieces of the game cover, which is incredible artwork by PA-based artist Dan Yowell (IG: @danyowell_art or In the meantime, here's the first peak!

You can follow the development of Eight Bells Bluff by following us on Instagram at @eightbellsbluff or at our main IG: @loudcoffrepress


Here's a pretty cool thing on our horizon- we're teaming up with a local music store in Phoenixville, PA to host an open mic session in the fall! Those details are still being hammered out, but we'll be sure to share them as soon as we have them. Will it be the debut of our spoken word/synth band? Who knows! Most likely, we'll just read some poetry and/or flash fiction, but we've been known to drop a surprise or two now and then.

Submissions: CLOSED

For the first time in LCP history, we've closed submissions in order to catch up on reading, get ahead on acceptances for the next few magazine issues and then switch over to a brand-spanking-new submissions manager! Details are coming within the next two months to our submissions page!

Summer Issue

Our next issue of Loud Coffee Press, the magazine, comes out on Friday, August 1st. It's shaping up to be a hot one!

New Stickers

The scientists at Loud Coffee Press have discovered the how books are created using the following equation:

Coffee + Music = Books

We've memorialized this momentous discovery with a new sticker! Order a sticker and be the envy of writers around the world who haven't cracked the code!

Thanks again to all of our loyal readers— while we do run on coffee, we also run on your support!

*we kid

Love us? Well, we REALLY love you. We'd heart you a million times if we could. We'd even write you silly little love notes in the comment section.

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