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The LCP Spring Issue has Bloomed!

It's one of our four favorite times of year - time to share a new magazine filled with wonderful words and art with the world! Magazine release day is a little like a flower. We plant the seeds of coffee and music, fabulous work comes our way, and a new literary magazine blooms!

Here's what we suggest: pour yourself a nice, hot drink of something delicious. Find a comfy spot in a cozy chair and position your laptop or e-reader just... so. Click on the link below to view the spring issue of Loud Coffee Press! Inhale the aroma of your drink for the few seconds it takes for the issue to load. Finally, enjoy the time spent among the awesomeness that sprouted in this issue!

Loud Coffee Press is a labor of love created by two lovers of words and art! If you enjoy the magazine, hit the heart or tell a friend about it! If you love it, why not...

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