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Welcome to Winter! Loud Coffee Press Issue 9 Is Here!

Greetings and welcome to another issue of Loud Coffee Press! We are proud to release our 2022 winter issue featuring a wonderful assortment of fiction, poetry, and artwork from some of the finest creatives in the community!

As this issue goes live, we are hunkering down on the East Coast of the USA, waiting for yet another blast of snow, wind, and ice!

Fun times! No matter where you are in the world, we hope that this issue will bring a bit of sunshine and enjoyment into your life!

In addition to releasing issue #9, we are proud to announce the second edition of The Whale is Both the Heart and the Head by our own Annie James Thomas! The second edition features a new, whimsical cover and interior watercolor artwork by Fred Charles!

Stay warm and safe! Fred and Annie

Loud Coffee Press is a labor of love created by two highly-caffeinated writers! If you like what you've read, consider buying us a coffee or sharing our magazine with one of your lit-loving pals!

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