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Loud Coffee Press Issue #1 is Here!

After months of hard work, the first issue of Loud Coffee Press is here! If you're a subscriber, then you should have received a copy in your email box!

If you're merely a wanderer, traveling the vast sea of the internet and have found yourself marooned on our island, relax on our beach and feel the cool breeze of the wind blowing off the ocean. While you're here, waiting for some errant waiter to take your drink order, check out our magazine! It's filled with some of our favorite fiction, poetry, and artwork, and while some of it is adventurous, it's much safer than the water surrounding our humble safe haven.

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1 Comment

John E. Meredith
John E. Meredith
Feb 04, 2020

Omigod, it's amazing. All of it . . . the words, the images, beautifully done. Every one of these submissions is gold . . . I'm really loving 'Crowd Pleaser' . . . but nothing is wasted here. Props to everyone involved, and cheers to a job well-done. Already looking forward to the next issue. In the meantime, I'm going back to read this one again . . .

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