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3rd Annual LCP Haiku Contest: Read the Runners-Up Here!

It's time to share the results of one of our favorite contests! After reading countless amazing haikus, we've selected a winner and five runners-up! We chose perseverance as theme for the Third Annual LCP Haiku Contest because it we felt it was relatable to anyone living in these trying times.

We are proud announce "Saturation" by Donna Faulkner née Miller as the winner of the contest! You can read Donna’s winning poem in the winter edition of Loud Coffee Press which releases on January 28th, 2022.

In the meantime, check out the five runners-up below!


When the Pen Is Still

by Brook Bhagat

She's gone. The swan folds

his wings and glides deep, babies

heavy on his back

Twitter: @BrookBhagat

Instagram: @BrookBhagat

Facebook: Brook Bhagat


Mars 2020/Perseverance Rover

by Rosetta Yorke

Rover seeks ancient

life signs in the red planet’s

crater. << Greetings, Friend! >>

Twitter: @RosettaYorke

Instagram: @rosettayorke1


Perseverance: Haiku

by Allie Picketts

So the roads are gone:

I come to you by way of

lakes born overnight.

Instagram: @allie.picketts


Last Leap

by Katy Huth Jones

In the fallen leaves

Tiny frogs play tic-tac-toe

Autumn's final game

Facebook: Katy Huth Jones


Yes Always

by Mary Mastrobuoni

Step outside the box

Let go of your umbrella

Your goals are reigning

Facebook: Mary Mastrobuoni

Instagram: @mommommare253


Show your love for our haiku winners by tapping on the heart! Feel daring? Share a haiku of your own in the comments below!

Or have a coffee on yourself for us ;)...

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