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2020 Sound or Silence Haiku Contest: Read the Runners-Up Here!

Without further ado, here are the runners-up for the 2nd Annual 2020 Loud Coffee Press Haiku Contest. The theme of the contest was "sound or silence." Congratulations and thank you to all participants!


Lisa Reynolds

can't tell anyone

about the voices inside

they control my tongue


Remember: Walls Have Ears.

Jonathan Croose

The couple next door

a full orchestra of sex

he’s out on parole.


Wind and Wave

Linda Marie Steele

Wind finds its voice through

the leaves. Wave speaks by crashing

into shore again.



Abdulmugheeth Petersen

Ape stares in silence

At a thousand ink squiggles

On slices of tree



Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

snowy owl calling

moonlight across silent lake

shards of frozen gold

Facebook: Dorthy LaVern McCarthy


Honorable mention for making us smile:


Anne Eulas

I'm betting cow farts

Create a soft, steamy breeze

Sweet grass-fed latte

Instagram: anne_Eulas

We look forward to sharing the stunning haiku of the contest winner, Kimberly Glanzman, in the next edition of Loud Coffee Press, coming 2021. Glanzman's work can be found at Twitter: @glanzman_k , Instagram: @speculativemermaid , and at .

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