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Announcing the Results of the 2020 Sound or Silence Haiku Contest!

We’d like to thank everyone that participated in this contest! We had so many entries that it took us days to sort and read them all. The haikus we received were wonderful, thought-provoking, sweet, and often humorous. We are honored to be trusted with this work.

Below, you'll find the results. The winner's work will be published in the winter 2021 issue of Loud Coffee Press, and the runners-up (and honorable mention) will be featured on tomorrow's blog. Congratulations to all!

First place: Kimberly Glanzman


  • Lisa Reynolds

  • Jonathan Croose

  • Linda Marie Steele

  • Abdulmugheeth Petersen

  • Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

And an honorable mention for making us smile: Anne Eulas.

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