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A Brief Message of Hope from Loud Coffee Press

Outside of the New York City’s Public Library building at Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street sit iconic statues. To the left and right of the building’s steps are 11-foot marble lions. Their names are Patience and Fortitude.

It was NYC Mayer Fiorello LaGuardia that named these lions during the 1930s Great Depression, with the vision that New Yorkers needed both attributes to survive the devastating period.

Today, perhaps we could all use a reminder that the lions still stand. Patience and Fortitude have survived dark, cold times. They’ve withstood the harshness of 2020, and remain beacons of the library’s symbolism itself: inspiration, knowledge, and strength.

Today, LaGuardia's message seems as appropriate as ever. This past year has been one for the books, to say the least.

Our hearts are heavy.

And still, we present to you, a holiday message, Loud Coffee Press style.

We believe creatives saw this quarantined year in one of three ways:

It might have been time to be home with family and to expand our art, yet leaving life a bit of a

For others, it was a year filled with nothing but

And for some of us, 2020 was

We missed out on concerts, family, travel, and generally being

But we're grateful for things like this blog, which if it taught you one thing, it was

And, if you're reading this blog right now, it's a good reminder that although 2020 sucked, you're still

But, more importantly, you are a

This holiday season, we wish you patience and fortitude, a stocking full of inspiration, knowledge and strength, and a healthy and prosperous 2021.

Cheers, love, and rock fingers,

Loud Coffee Press

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