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The Loud Coffee Press Holiday Gift Guide!

Does holiday shopping have you stressed? Have no fear! Loud Coffee Press has your back. Check out our giant list of favorite holiday gift ideas!

Use code HOLIDAY to save 15% off your total purchase in the Loud Coffee Press shop, Memento Amore!

Moby Tool: This multifunctional tool that's shaped like literature's most famous killer whale is all you really need in a gift.

Intuiti Creative Cards: Unblock your writing with this combination writing/tarot/Rorschach deck.

Gloom: A perfectly simple card game where the goal is to instill the worst fates on your opponents possible.

The Field Guide to Dumb Birds: Use this guide to identify over 50 annoying birds making noise in your backyard.

The Illustrated Compendium of Ugly English Words: From 'moist' to 'dank' to 'jawn', this book has it all!

Moby Dick in Pictures: Artist Matt Kish created a piece of art for each page of Moby Dick and compiled them in this colorful book.

Treehouse Brewery House Blend Coffee: Coffee from one of the world's finest breweries. This delicious brew lives up to the hype!

Knives & Ink: Chefs and the Stories Behind Their Tattoos: The stories and recipes behind the tattoos of the world's leading chefs.

Misby Electric Coffee Warmer: No more microwaving your morning coffee. Just set your mug on this portable warmer to keep your coffee piping hot!

French Porcelain Absinthe Match Strike: Light your candles with the flair of the speakeasy! A great gift for lovers of vintage things.

Murder of Crows Tarot Deck: A captivating tarot deck by Corrado Roi presents crows in all their gothic glory.

Loud Coffee Press Meta Mug: Obviously, we have to share one of our own favorite products (that we use every day).

Cats on Synthesizers in Space t-shirts: We couldn't pick just one of these shirts, so please enjoy them all.

Yogi Throat Comfort: This stocking stuffer ain't only for sore throats. It's tasty for all of your tea needs (just not pregnancy... read the label!).

Monstrous: the Lore Gore and Science Behind your Favorite Monsters: An engrossing and gross picture book bursting with blood, guts, history and science, for monster lovers of all ages.

Co-Star App: A free and fun astrology app powered by data from NASA.

Coffitivity: An app that simulates the ambience of a cafe for those of you enjoy working in coffee shops!

Trade Coffee Subscription: Do you love coffee and enjoy trying different brands? Try Trade and have a new bag of beans routinely delivered to your house!

Fine print! We are not paid advertisers of any of these products, companies, or services, beyond our own merchandise. It's just a list of stuff we think is cool! Happy holidays!

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