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Aeropress Coffee Maker Review: A Funny Looking Device that Makes Perfect Coffee!

Coffee Makers come in all shapes and sizes. We have drip coffee machines, espresso makers, pour overs, and percolators. And, let's not forget our French presses, Keurigs, and the moka pots gathering dust in the back of the kitchen cabinets!

I have a wide array of coffee makers, but the coffee maker that raises the most eyebrows is my Aeropress, probably because it resembles a penis enlarger (see illustration below).

Aeropress is indeed funny-looking. When I first laid eyes on it, I figured that it was some gimmicky device that coffee snobs sneer at, like the Keurig. I found out rather quickly that the Aeropress has a massive following among coffee drinkers, with some considering it the best way to make coffee! As a coffee lover who loves trying new things, it didn't take long for me to pick up my first Aeropress.

The Aeropress is a one-cup coffee maker, so you might want to keep it hidden at parties, or else you'll be standing around for hours making perfect cup after perfect cup! Don't get the wrong impression; the Aeropress is easy to use. Pop in a small paper filter, add a scoop of coffee, add hot water, stir, and wait about a minute. Next, flip the contraption over and push down on the pump. The pump forces the coffee through the grounds like a manual espresso maker. What's left in your cup is up to four ounces of strong coffee. You can drink it just like that if you like espresso, or add water to make an Americano.

The coffee made from the Aeropress is always full-bodied and flavorful. I've used every kind of roast from light to dark and have never had a bad cup. I'm not much of an espresso drinker, so I always add water to make a full cup. I would be interested in hearing from those of you who use the Aeropress to make espresso.

The best part about the Aeropress is that it's easy to clean. Remove the filter holder, use the pump to force the hockey puck-shaped coffee grounds into the trash, and then wash the tube! Don't want to dump your grounds into the garbage, here's a list of alternate uses for them. It's easier to clean than a French press and about the same as cleaning your drip coffee maker.

Some versions of the Aeropress come with a bag for taking it on trips and camping. Just make sure that you remember to pack it up back up when you head home. I left my first Aeropress in a hotel while on a business trip and often wondered what the cleaning staff thought it might be!

We highly recommend the Aeropress to any serious coffee drinker. It's easy to use, clean, and makes a fantastic cup of coffee! For more information on the Aeropress and how it works, check the videos below! Cheers!

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