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Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler Unboxing!

We backed the Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler a few years ago because we love writing tools! After a long wait, it's finally here. We have a full review coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this video and some screenshots of what's in the box!

The Freewrite is much slimmer in its final form than originally advertised.

The Traveler comes with a USB cable, a quick start guide with keyboard shortcuts and troubleshooting tips, and some stickers!

Here is what it looks like when it's open and ready to go!

The Traveler software appears to be the same as the Freewrite, for better or worse. One improvement is the ability to move the cursor around using the WASD keys!

I'm putting the Traveler through its paces. I hope to have a full review up in the next week.

If you're interested in learning more about the Traveler, go the Freewrite store and check it out.

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