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Loud Coffee Press 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays barreling down upon us, it’s well past time to think about the favorite creatives in our lives. This year, we’ve put together our Loud Coffee Press holiday gift guide with a mix of writerly gifts and some of our everyday favorite things. These aren’t paid promotions in any way - simply things we love. Have any favorites of your own? Shout them out in the comments below!

Now you can read your dinner like an open book

When writer’s block hits, build your own typewriter instead of writing on one.

For the lovers of all things oversized in your life.

This awesome journal and storage pouch travels everywhere and shows no wear. (True story: this journal once spent a rainy night on the ground outside of my car and lived to caption another poem!)

If ever there was a whiskey made for writers, this is it!

For the writer that hates clipping heavy reading lights to their books!

The only movie soundtrack that has David Bowie songs sung in Portuguese!

For a refreshing stocking stuffer, try this cold tea infuser! Pop a tea bag into a bottle of iced water, and have a delicious drink in less than five minutes.

Grab your favorite grinds, fill with some water, and pop it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you’ll have the smoothest cold brew you’ve ever tried, and for a fraction of the high-end cafe prices!

A fountain pen modelled after Captain Ahab's peg leg!

At the dinner table, everyone can hear you scream!

No matter which holidays you celebrate, we wish all of you a safe and happy season! If you have a favorite gift idea, leave us a link in the comments!

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