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Loud Coffee Press Retro Post Society!

Anyone can send an Email, but what happens when you send a postcard?

You end up with a piece of ephemera that can be preserved for the ages.

Printed, typewritten, and paper-based inspiration hold history with magic hard to capture in hard drives: they create a ready visual, a documentation of the writer record, and a process snapshot.

At Loud Coffee Press, we love the old school ways of writing. We want your postcards, and we're going to send you something back, too. We've created a project where the main purpose is to trade visual creative inspiration.

Are you ready to join the LCP Retro Post Society?

Here's how it works:

Grab a postcard, any postcard. Have fun with it.

Send us anything. Be creative! We'll return the favor in kind.

If you send us a drawing, we'll reply with a drawing.

If you send us a literary quote, you'll get one back.

An original poem gets you an original poem.

Handwrite it? Sounds great.

Typewrite it? Love it.

Get the idea?

Drop it in the mailbox to this address:

We would show you our postcards, but we'd rather they be a surprise. They're our own, and we made them super cool.

This is an ongoing project, and once you're in the Society, you're in. There are no deadlines. Write us anytime. Who knows what happens down the road? Maybe you'll see your postcard(s) end up in a fun blog post, our magazine, or even a chapbook.* The possibilities for creativity are endless. We can't wait to be inspired, and hopefully inspire you in kind!

*Fine print! By sending us a postcard, you're giving us permission to potentially use your postcard and its associated work in future Loud Coffee Press projects, including, but not limited to blog posts, magazine issues, chapbooks, etc. If you don't want it reproduced, we get it. Just let us know on the postcard: "P.S. Don't reproduce this."*

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