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Loud Coffee Press Unveils Its First Book!

To all those authors with full-length novels, we salute you. After almost 10 drafts, art direction, government fees and beta readers (you know who you are - and you are awesome), we are excited to reveal our very first book!

Loud Coffee Press proudly presents:

Creative Home:

Using the Concept of 'Home' to Craft a Story

Creative Home is a full-length chapbook based on the concept initially presented on our blog, and takes the reader through a series of spaces in the home with the goal of crafting a story. The book is aimed toward writers of any level, either serving as an initial guide, or used for adding layers of complexity and texturing a story. This isn't a technical book; it's more philosophical. Creative Home is meant to inspire your writing in a fresh, fun way!

Creative Home takes the reader through 16 chapters meant to stimulate the writing senses and add unique reminders to the story creation process. In the basement, we discuss ways to use folklore and handed-down history to explore a concept. The chimney is the metaphoric mixing of smoke into the words; adding a surreal veil and making the story feel eerie or dream-like.

The pages of Creative Home are brought to life by the artwork of Loud Coffee Press' editor, Fred Charles. His fun, introspective, and thought-provoking pieces add a secondary layer of imagination to the book.

The book itself is 22-pages. It is printed on an industrial-quality printer, on the finest quality bright-white paper, with a durable card stock cover.

Creative Home is available for order now on exclusively at our website shop, Memento Amore. Buy one for yourself, and one for the writers in your life! And if you love it, feel free to leave a comment on the blog, or on any of our social media accounts!

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1 Comment

John E. Meredith
John E. Meredith
Oct 16, 2020

Okay, this looks awesome. Just went in my cart.

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