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Interview: Horror Movies and Youtube Tips with Emma from Spookyastronauts!

Here at Loud Coffee Press, we are huge fans of horror and science fiction movies. While tirelessly searching for new, obscure and underrated films, we stumbled upon an excellent YouTube channel called Spookyastronauts.

Emma, Spookyastronauts content creator, has a deep knowledge of film and consistently creates engaging videos that dig into the many sub-genres of horror and science-fiction.

We recently chatted with Emma about her interest in horror and how she keeps her Youtube audience engaged with new and interesting content. Sit back, grab some popcorn (or nachos), dim the lights; things are about to get, um, spooky!

What was the first horror movie that made you realize that you were a fan of the genre?

I'm really just a huge fan of film in general. I love the way you can walk away from a film feeling like you've had an emotional or psychological experience. As I grew older, I realized the most extreme of these experiences come from horror and thriller films, or really just dark films. So I always find those more fascinating and shocking, in turn, I get the most pay off for them. 

What made you decide to start a Youtube channel? Where did you come up with the name Spookyastronauts?

I am a video editor by trade and have been watching Youtube ever since 2007, so it was really pairing my skills, love of youtube, and love of horror. I started it with the idea that I would just improve and see where it takes me in six months' time, then it slowly evolved into a habit that is now a huge part of my life. The name is just something I came up with that is meant to paint a visual picture of something romantically haunting, like the peace of space mixed with something full of dread. 

You have a dedicated fanbase on Youtube. Can you give our readers some tips on how to build an audience?

Oh my gosh! I am so lucky to have the group of viewers I do. It's become such a community. I think you need to find ways to organically show up and keep doing that. It's a lot of time and dedication. You also need to find the right balance of providing viewers with information making your content worth their time but also showing enough of your personality to make them feel engaged with you. Just show up however is best for you, and keep doing it - no matter what! 

What is the biggest challenge that you face when coming up with content for your channel?

Release dates! If anyone who is reading this has watched my content, they know I complain about getting films late. I live in Australia, and there are some HUGE releases we get a couple of months late. But I have to work with that and find a different way of presenting the content if it's outdated. 

Pick a horror movie that you would recommend to someone that isn’t a fan of the genre. Why would you pick this film?

Ready or Not is a good one, but I think if you aren't a fan of the genre, then maybe it's just not for you, and that's okay. I'm not one to convince people that horror is great; it's all personal preference. I would say Ready or Not because of it's fast-paced wit and its dynamic characters. It moves fast, so there isn't a lot of time to stop and think about the horror aspects until that final scene! 

Indie horror seems to be going through a renaissance with excellent movies like Relic, Hereditary, and Midsommar. Are they any indie horror movies that you’re looking forward to in the next year?

To be frank, this is going to sound really depressing, but I'm not banking on any film releases at the moment. With everything going on in the world, many films have already been pushed back so far that we have no idea when we will finally see them. Saint Maud is another A24 film that I'm dying to see, but the release date has changed several times. 

We are huge fans of the Evil Dead and Phantasm series. If you had to pick your go-to movie or series, what would it be?

In terms of series, I really like Puppet Master; it's got such a nostalgic feeling to it. I also love Scream!

Favorite beverage? Right now, a warm dirty chai!

Favorite non-horror movie? That's hard to narrow down, but Fight Club is up there. 

Favorite Food? Pasta! 

Name a book that you would recommend to anyone?  Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game by Stoker Hunt

Do you love the movie Murder Party? (Murder Party is our current favorite horror movie) I don't think I've seen that one yet!

Thank you for participating in this interview! Where can our readers find you?

Our Favorite Spookyastronauts' Videos:

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