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We are Hosting a Poetry Workshop!

Hello, LCP Family! We are hosting our first poetry workshop with our friends at the art organization Joly Licks! Our friend and poet Fausta Joly has run several of these workshops and has partnered with us to run our first workshop! The workshop will take place this Thursday at 4:00PM EST.

The workshop is aimed at all levels of writers. It will run for about 2 hours and you will leave with at least three poems! The workshop is based on some of our past blog posts--improv writing and rituals--and will contain both discussions and writing exercises.

We've planned the following fun exercises:

Improv Writing: After an introduction by Fausta, we will conduct a record player exercise that incorporates music and free-writing.

Soul Salve with Annie James Thomas: AJT discusses rituals around the process of writing. For the exercise, we will write a 10-line- minimum poem with Soul Salve as the title.

Submitting Your Work with Fred Charles: Fred will discuss submitting your work to literary publications and what editors look for in submissions. For the exercise, we will provide a topic that you will write about for 10-15 minutes and then swap it to a selected partner.

We are using a 'pay what you can' ticket pricing with a suggested $4 donation! If you are interested, you can get tickets by following this link.

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