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Loud Coffee Press: State of the Union #2

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Oh, hey! What’s going on? Fred and Annie here with some exciting updates on what we’ve been up to over the last few months. Let’s just say we’ve been BUSY, but the best kind of busy. (The fun kind of busy that turns out the coolest stuff we can think of… which we think is pretty cool.) Read ahead to see if you agree!

Here’s what happened during the late spring and summer months:

1. We became a fully licensed LLC! Why an LLC? Because it opens us to bringing you a wider variety of awesomeness in the landscape of creative lifestyle branding.

2. Our merchandise shop opened! We named it Memento Amore, a play on the Memento Mori concept (“remember you will die”), but in our corner of the internet, “remember you must shop.” Memento, meaning “token” and Amore, meaning “love” = things we love. We hope you love them, too. We’ll be adding more, like additional digital downloads and t-shirts, so we hope you’ll check back often! Currently, the shop ships to the US, but if you’re from outside the US, drop us an email and we’ll work things out!

3. We hosted a flash fiction contest and had an overwhelmingly awesome response. The quality of the stories we reviewed was incredible. Read the runners-up here, and check out A.P. Thayer’s winning story, Falling, in Loud Coffee Press issue 3.

4. Speaking of Loud Coffee Press issue 3, it went to press mid-summer to a phenomenal response. You are all THE BEST. Our contributors were absolutely top-notch as always, and we are forever grateful to them for sharing their work with us.

5. In the spirit of banishing the COVID blues, we created the LCP Retro Post Society! One of our favorite things to do is hear from you. The LCP Retro Post Society is a postcard exchange program - you send one to us, and we’ll send one to you! Send us a poem, a

drawing, a note, anything, and we’ll do the same! Our address is LCP, P.O Box 168, Kimberton, PA 19442.

6. We’ve updated our Masthead, our blog header (The Asterisk), and our Big List of Cool Things.

Here’s what we’re working on:

7. We are waist-deep in a behind-the scenes Kickstarter campaign! We’re kickstarting a pen and paper writing game that takes you through all the steps of writing a story. It’s quirky, it’s fun, artistic, and meant for the beginner or advanced writer. And we’re putting it through its paces. We CANNOT wait to share this with you. Be on the lookout for more details throughout the coming months!

8. Our first book is almost ready for publication! It’s content is a surprise, but we promise it will be familiar. It’s an expansion on one of our more popular blog entries, and we’ve spent several months diving in and developing it. Our last stop is purchasing a set of ISBNs so we can provide it in paper and eBook versions.

9. Did you know we are huge movie buffs? We’re looking at ways to expand our YouTube channel to help you with the creative process. Be on the lookout! In the meantime, check out our Doodlys!

10. We’re adding a Patreon! Exclusive content headed your way over the next several months!

11. Our pride and joy, Loud Coffee Press, the magazine, issue 4, will be out this fall. We’re open for submissions - flash fiction, poetry, and art.

We probably forgot something, but that's enough for now.

Every time you buy something, a baby puppy smiles.

Cheers, love, and rock fingers.


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